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Chiida Spa – Thai Professional Wellness & Massage Training Centre: The Professional Teacher Profile

Chiida Spa is a Thai Spa and development Company established in 2006. It is managed under the brand name Chiida Spa. It was founded in Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa, and was heralded in 2006 as one of the top five beautiful waterfall resorts of the world by the UK Independent Awards: Equipped with a fully operational spa facility and training centre in Chaingmai, Thailand, it meets all the requirements for a resort spa.

Chiida Academy, Thai Wellness Training Centre or Thai Spa Training Academy by Chiida Spa is the professional in the spa and wellness industry with spa trainer worldwide experienced to serve the student demand in Thai Massage, spa and hospitality program with exclusive Thai service manner. The training centre provides our guests a various spa course to meet each country requirements with our qualified trainer and professional team. Moreover, you can have a real practice simulate spa business to acquire more Thai Spa experience with Chiida Spa.

The students who completely success the spa training program will receive the certificate from The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand / Chiida Academy / Chiida Academy Zurich, Switzerland and will exactly be able to use the knowledge proficiently in a real job or business.

Chiida Thai-Massage Center

Profitieren Sie von unseren günstigen Preisen. Lassen Sie sich volle 2 Stundenmit einer traditionellen Thaimassage verwöhnen.
Sie werden von einer unserer Absolventen der Chiida Academy massiert.
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